October 23, 2018


The Moon and Sixpence Puppet Theatre specialises in performances of primary schools. Typically, two separate productions are provided for the junior and senior schoolchildren in a particular school.

Photograph of Moon & Sixpence set up in school.Primary schoolchildren enjoy a Moon & Sixpence performance!

Moon & Sixpence Puppet Theatre marionette stage on school concert stage.








Those in the junior cycle never tire of the traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White or Jack and the Beanstalk. They are particularly delighted to have these familiar stories played out before them, with references to their school and locality – genuinely bringing the story to life!

The older Primary schoolchildren, while still loving the traditional stories, benefit more from an original storyline. Moon and Sixpence productions for this group are provided in pantomime style with the all-important moral to be learned. Once again, the live and localised nature of these performances get the attention of children, who have, very often, become used to being passive observers of television and cinema.

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